APL and Austeco  is now re-releasing a new, improved small scale GEK Gasifier.

This is a much more advanced version of the former GEK-Level IV and uses the latest V5 steel ceramic hearth, among many other features.

You can think of the new GEK Gasifier as a Power Pallet without the engine or the generator, but including the same Process Control Unit and sensors used in a Power Pallet.

Customers will be able to use this product to produce clean syngas from our approved fuel list (currently wood chips, walnut shells, and coconut shells) and to test the suitability of other biomass types as potential fuel.

 Austeco has Innovative Australian Made genets from 5 to 8 kW that can suit this application.

Get in touch for arrange more information on this option, including via testing of other fuel types.

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