Technical Details

20kW_IMG_4739_REV_v2nowheels-w1280-h12801-e1375478379177Conceptual Overview
The Powerpak is a highly integrated gasifier-generator set that gasifies carbonaceous biomas using an All Power Labs GEK + TOTTI* series gasifier which fuels an engine that turns a generator to create electricity.This integrated system can be thought of as a generator set with a fuel refinery built onto the platform.The diesel generators the Powerpak competes against are relatively simple only because the necessary complexity has been outsourced to large centralised petroleum refineries, with the fuel distributed over well established infrastructure. In contrast the Powerpak is more complex due to the on board gasifier, but is capable of generating power directly from locally available unrefined biomass because the gasifier serves as a refinery. Because of this the Powerpak has a unique advantage in providing renewable energy in markets where an abundance of local biomass coincides with inadequate or costly petroleum, transportation or electrical infrastructure.

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