About us

Composite Group – Linking research & development & sustainable business

The Composite Group is an advisory organisation that specialises in the commercialisation of new technologies. It commenced operations in 1988 and is composed of a number of associates who have extensive experience in the successful development of businesses from the concept stage right through to corporate operations.

Austeco is the green energy business enterprise arising from an extensive R&D programme conducted by the Composite Group. The development and introduction of the Austeco powerpak is an on-going programme and has achieved immense interest and is an exciting development in Australia. Patents have been taken out for improved systems for green energy management.

The Group’s expertise was gained in corporations and small businesses, ranging from start-ups to medium size private business and corporate operations. It has extensive contacts in the business planning infrastructure, finance and capital fields.The Group has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Chris Doubae. Managing Director

peter reynolds

Peter Reynolds. Consultant


Chris Walter.


Jarrod Martin. Consultant


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